• O.P.C

    Ordinary Portland Cement is hydraulic cement, that is, it hardens and gains strength as a result of a chemical reaction that occurs when it comes, into contact with water. O.P.C is the most widely used cementitious material worldwide. It is used in almost all areas of concrete construction and including general construction and specialty concretes.


    These materials are pigmented TYPE 1 Ordinary Portland Cements. Colours may include red, yellow black and blue, to name a few of the more popular colours. White cement is not blended with a pigment, but attains its white colour by using little or no iron and magnesium and being processed longer in the kiln. These cements are used to obtain decorating coloured finishes on concrete terrazzo and concrete tiles.


    Is the name given to a wood that has been cut, sawed and planed for use. Lumber encompasses a variety of woods both soft and hard. Their use varies from the creation of furniture, to structures beams and supports in construction, to roofing elements. In most countries lumber is still the number 1 building material.


    Widely used in for interior decorating, architecture and ornate tiles, Harricrete can supply a wide range of fine Marbles from around the world. Please feel free to contact us with your specific requirements.


    Harricrete can supply most forms of steel for use In construction, including high tensile strength products.


    This material (also called calcium hydroxide) has many applications across a wide range of industries. A white powdered-form of alkaline, hydrated lime is used as a cleaning agent, often as a mineral admixture/additive in concrete, and as a chemical agent in agriculture.