Harricrete Coloured Cement is a colour pigment general purpose ordinary Portland Cement for special coloured finishes and integrally coloured concrete. This product possesses all the mechanical, chemical and other properties of normal TYPE 1 OPC (ordinary Portland cement). It may be used as a dry shake, in terrazzo, and large quantities to achieve integrally coloured concrete.

  • Recommended For:
    • Terrazzo finishes
    • Special dry shake & coloured concrete finishes
    • Full depth intergrally coloured concrete
  • Features:
    • Passes all the properties of TYPE 1 OPC, therefore easy to use
    • Conforms to relevant ASTM standards
    • Comes in multiple colours
  • Packaging:
    • 50lbs bags
    • White cement: 94lbs
    • One 50lbs bag covers 50 - 75 sq. ft.(when dry shaken)