This is a polymer based product used for increase bond concrete when heavy strength of tile laying materials and or large dense tiles are being laid in a vertical position or when higher bond strength are required. This agent also increases the setting time and reduces the water to cement ratio, while increases compressive, tensile and flexural strength of the mix with propern workability.

  • Recommended for:
    • As an admixture to improve the cohesive and adhesive strength of the tile lying material or concrete mix.
    • On vertical or horizontal surfaces when higher bond strength is required to keep, tiles or concrete mix bonded to surface.
    • Can be used for applying new tiles over old tiles or dense surfaces such as terrazzo.
  • Packaging:
    • 1 gallon tin q Quart (ΒΌ gallon) tin
  • Coverage:
    • 1 gallon S.M.G bonding agent - 400lbs thinset
      1 quart S.M.G bonding agent - 100 lbs thinset