This is an accurately blended mixture of bleached white processed sands, Portland cement, chemical admixtures and the finest quality colour pigments. This chemically modified comentitious grout was specifically designed to easily work into pointing areas, with very high cohesive and adhesive bond strengths. Unlike a regular cementitious pointing material, this grout is non-shrink, thereby creating a firm bond between pointing spaces. SMG tile grout is also water repellent, so when applied to tile joint moisture will not soak in between the tiles to encourage the growth of mould mildew and fungus.

A wide range of coloured pigments offers a variety of standard colours to match any tile, stone or brickwork, and it is suitable for interior or exterior areas. The result is long lasting beauty and value.

  • Features:
    • Extremely high bond strength
    • Non-shrink q Water repellant
    • Reduces Mildew and fungus growth
    • Colours can be matched for almost any tile
  • Packaging:
    • 5 lb bags, each of which will cover 25 sq. ft. @ ¼ inch thick
      25 lb bags each of which will cover 125 sq. ft. @ ¼ inch thick
      50 lb bags each of which will cover 250 sq. ft. @ ¼ inch thick