SMG All Purpose Thinset is a one part, self-bonding, tough, non-shrink, cement based thinset, with excellent adhesive properties. It bonds to old or new concrete.

  • Recommended For:
    • Old or new concrete
    • Sanded and um-sanded grout applications
    • Wall - porcelain, ceramic. Marble, clay
    • Floor tiles - Granite, Porcelain, Ceramic, Marble, Clay and Vinyl
    • Concrete masonry, brick, poured concrete, Portland Cement plaster surfaces.
    • Foam glass, gypsum board, marble, expanded polyethylene surfaces
    • Old tiled surfaces
    • Laying all types of tiles including marble, porcelain, ceramic, granite concrete etc
  • Features:
    • Easy to mix
    • Manufactured to rigorous Quality Control Standards and ASTM specifications
    • Can be used on a wide range of surfaces
    • Tiles do not need to be pre-soaked q High bond strength
    • Suitable for use on vertical and horizontal surfaces
  • Technical Data:
    • At a constant percent of water, consistency will vary wittemperature. Final set time takes place in approximately 5-7 hours at a floatable consistency, 70 degree F (21 degrees C) as tested by ASTM standards. Compressive Strength - 1250-PSI minimum - 7 days as tested by ASTM Shear Bond - 150-PSI minimum - 7 days.
  • Packaging/Availability:
    • 5 lb Bags q 50 lb bags, each of which will cover 100 sq. ft. @ 1/8 inch thick, 60 sq. ft. @ ΒΌ inch thick