Harricrete Heat Resistance Grout is a cement-based, nonmetallic non-shrink grout used for in high temperature conditions. When tested in accordance with ASTM C 827 Harricrete Heat Resistant Grout shows positive expansion. The grout meets performance requirement of ASTM C 1107 and CRD-C 621 specifications for non-shrink grout.

  • Recommended For:
    • Grouting of baseplates in high operating temperatures
    • Installation of anchors and dowels
    • Repair of concrete in confined areas
  • Features:
    • 98% effective bearing area (EBA) is typically achieved following proper grouting procedures
    • High strength at temperatures up to 20000F
    • Locally manufactured under strict quality
    • Formulated with Devoider for optimum load transfer
    • Does not contain aluminum powder
    • Permanent support for machinery
  • Packaging/Availability:
    • Packaged in heavy duty, polyethylene lined bags containing 100lbs.(45.4 kg)

  • Coverage:
    • 100lbs covers 0.090 cubic feet Typical properties at 90'F (32'C)